Bad Boy Billionaire Biker

Bad Boy Billionaire Biker
There are two loves in life I can ride custom bike, and my best friends little sister.

As the owner of my own motorcycle business, Nina Redman, my rivals daughter, was always off-limits.

She wouldn’t spare me a drop of water if I were on fire.

That changed on her 20th birthday when we gave in to desire long denied.

Our bodies pressed together, igniting a scorching inferno.

Her curves and sensual lips stripped my control.

We claimed each other in every way imaginable.

When my family scandals came to light that night, I left town without a word.

I returned later with a baby and a secret about Redman motorcycles.

Years later, my rivals company is failing.

I offer salvation my racing skills for the company.

Ill take back what her father stole from me: Crusher, my custom bike design.

I race Crusher to victory, feeling its power surge and throb between my legs.

But the bikes not the only thing that makes my heart pound and eyes blaze.

Nina still hates me.

But together were sparking flames hotter than ever with every glance, every touch.

Thats when I realized the prize Ive come to claim forever isn’t a motorcycle, its Nina. $0.99 on Kindle.
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