Triplets for the Barbarians

I laughed when my friends succumbed to the charms of those big-horned aliens.
But now, caught in the irresistible allure of Fadai and Yossul,
I find myself in the throes of a civil war, struggling to keep my composure.

Captured and facing grave dangers, we claw our way from the brink of defeat to a startling victory.
Amidst the chaos, a fiery romance blossoms, its intensity magnified by the harshness of war.

To my astonishment, I soon discover I’m carrying triplets growing at the speed of light!
As we savor our unexpected joys and weather the tempests of hardship, the heat of our connection deepens.

With our future as uncertain as the roiling storm clouds above, I’m left breathless and wondering:
Can the fierce love that binds us withstand the trials ahead?
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