Daddy’s THICK TABOO Collection (20 books from Horny House Series)

The Man of the House has built quite a stockpile of dirty short stories, all centering on one overriding theme: taking advantage of his Little Brats and Princesses! He wants them in every compromising position, from stuck hand first in the kitchen sink, to trapped as a Genie slave, to even ending in taboo matrimony! His desires just get filthier and filthier every time he imagines a new forbidden situation, and it’ll take nothing but absolute completion to sate his animal hunger! Check ou... [Read More...]

Free: Deja Vu

If you are looking for a book where you can fall in love with the protagonist and escape reality, this is NOT the book for you. There are no aliens, no heartbreaking alpha-males, no beautiful women waiting for a knight on a white horse to come rescue them. Chances are you won’t like Rose, the main character. Why? Because Rose is not a nice girl. She is jealous, she hates, and she is unhappy with her life. But… Maybe each of us experiences the exact same feelings? Maybe that’s ... [Read More...]

Of Gifts and the Goddess

Greed led to the slaughter of the village of Lough Sheelin, but not all lost their lives. Anne McCleary, with her unusual gift, leads the seven remaining members of her Clan. Duncan O’Connor vows to put an end to the McCleary. Anne and Duncan must overcome years of lies and deceit in order to thwart the enemies who threaten to take them both. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Perfect Chaperone

My new boss is also my accidental husband. A week-long girls’-trip before my new job starts. How can I say no? It’s just a week. What could go wrong? Short answer: Everything. Add in a bad boy next-door neighbor I had a crush on as a chaperone, too many shots, and you have chaos. Casper knew my weakness and used it to his advantage. All night long. Then come regrets. Accidental marriage. And a ring to prove it, with a piece of paper the next morning. It gets worse. He’s also my boss now. ... [Read More...]

The Baby Doctor

Morgan, an OBGYN, adores her work, her pregnant foster daughter, her messy house filled with pets. She’s loud, exuberant, and loving. Life is good–until she gets tangled up with fellow baby doctor Luke. He’s impeccably groomed, a quiet, austere widower with a teenage daughter, perfect in all the ways Morgan is not. But Luke has a secret that only Morgan can help him with. If you love medical fiction, strong, vulnerable women and hospital romance that makes you laugh and cry, y... [Read More...]

Netherfield Must Go!

Liza Bennett is a local DJ and a bit of a minor celebrity. When she learns that scurrilous property developer, Dorsey Fitzgerald of Pemberley Development Company, is getting ready to make a move into her neighborhood, she is not. having. it. Now Liza plans do whatever it takes to ensure that Pemberley and the arrogant and self-assured Dorsey Fitzgerald don’t get their way. But with her family getting in the way at every opportunity, can she outwit the developers and save her neighborhood? Net... [Read More...]

Straddling States

He is everything she never wanted, but could he be what she needs? Alluring Amber O’Hara is a ruthless city girl from Chicago with one goal in mind: landing a rich, handsome husband. She’s got it all, a high-paying job in fashion design, a sexy boyfriend, and a Pomeranian named Jellybean. But when she busts in on her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, Amber needs a fresh start. So, when her boss asks if anyone would be willing to move away for two months for research, she is th... [Read More...]