Fake it For Fame

I need a fake date to get the Hollywood media off my back. I find her in the least expected place. On my brother’s arm at a Valentine’s event. Lucky for me, he’s willing to give her up. His loss, my gain. She’s thick and curvy in all the right places. A perfect handful. And pressing pause? That’s not happening. The Faux Agency was supposed to be a “no strings attached” deal. But I want her more than I should. And what does she want? If only I knew. My sexy temptress might have her... [Read More...]

The Inn of Destiny

When a couple’s most vivid or shocking dreams start to come true after a weekend getaway it changes the course of their lives forever. Eager to re-ignite the passion in her marriage, Jackie plans a getaway weekend at a quaint inn in the Pocono Mountains with her husband Jerry. The weekend was just what they needed—the perfect combination of steamy romance and time to really connect away from the grind of their busy lives. During the getaway both are awakened after a series of strangely inte... [Read More...]

A Winter Stay

Becca Jenks never knew her husband was a millionaire. When their passionate year-long love affair ends in tragedy, she’s left heartbroken. But she soon discovers that she stands to inherit a large sum… along with a Rhode Island beach mansion overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Oliver Sagan Jr. is a charismatic captain with a big boat and an even bigger smile. As a close friend of Becca’s late husband, he does everything he can to help her. Becca finds herself warming to the kind and unass... [Read More...]

My Beastly Boss

A smart, curvy beauty signs a contract with her beast of a billionaire boss to help rescue her father from ruin. This steamy, short, modern day instalove story is inspired by Beauty and the Beast with a heart-warming HEA. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Medusa Project

She’s tasked with forming the first all-female Special Forces Team. He’s tasked with seeing to it they fail. She’s determined to prove women can keep up with the big boys, and he’s determined to break her—if she doesn’t break his heart first. As attraction explodes between Vanessa and Jack, they have got to get this blazing heat between them under control. But when events throw them together in a life-or-death race to find a missing team member, control is the last thing on their mi... [Read More...]


She’s hell-bent on avenging her family’s murders. He’s the enforcer of the organization she swears to take down. When a hit is put on Alexis’s head, Nash is forced to decide who to protect: the organization who raised him or the woman who will make them all burn. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Written in the Charts: A Secret Pregnancy Doctor Patient Romance

Evan could have been the one. Head over heels, I was ready to bet it all on him, on us, But he shipped off overseas without ever hearing my truth. Years later, he comes to me hurting in more ways than one. He shouldn’t be anything more than a patient at the practice. This military man isn’t the boy I once adored, But medical charts don’t explain away the temptation. We’re taking a second chance, Risking my residency for a few rendezvous. We’re charting the stars which led us here, Try... [Read More...]

Shadow Chaser

I came to them on a whim, hoping they could shield me. August, Cass, and Nico. The agreement they made means they’ll protect me, but they don’t have to like it… or me. As a pain-eater, it sucks that I can’t do anything to ease my own pain at being stuck with three guys who hate my guts. Somehow, I wound up covered in their brother’s blood with him missing, presumed dead. The geas on my tongue means I can’t reveal the truth. The fog in my head means I’m not sure what the truth is. ... [Read More...]

Grumpy Billionaire’s Secret

A game of truth or dare. No real names. No numbers exchanged. No strings attached. One night of forbidden passion changed my life forever. He doesn’t remember, but I can’t forget. I allowed a complete stranger to take my V-card. He left me with two things that night: His masquerade mask. And his baby in my belly. Never thought I’d see him again. Until I started a new job and met the CEO. Hot. Rich. Grumpy. Bossy. Arrogant. It was Him. He had no idea who I was. He needs a short-term assist... [Read More...]

The Billionaire’s Surprise Baby: College Nanny Romance

Have you ever met someone and knew they were wrong for you, in every way? I was finally getting the hang of college, working part-time as a yoga teacher when Joe Magella came into my life. A divorced big city trader who turned his back on his billionaire lifestyle to come volunteer at our small college. He offered me a job as a nanny for his son. The money was great. What could go wrong? Only, everything! My part-time job turned into a romance, which was fine until I fell pregnant. Now, instead... [Read More...]