Free: Discovery Moon

Lance gets more than he asked for with orphaned pups and a troubled mate. Meanwhile, a group of powerful True Elders come out of hiding, bringing welcome change to the shifter community. The saga continues with action, drama, humor, and romance in DISCOVERY MOON—book five of the Gladstone Shifters! (Contains steamy M/M content.) Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Bringer of Happiness

From the award-winning writer and director of The Women’s Jail Project and author of Dancing the Labyrinth, comes an evocative time-travelling tale that unashamedly merges renowned historical characters and events into a spellbinding story of destiny. “I should have assumed with parents known to the world as Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, I would be different.” Sara is different, for she time travels forward into other people’s bodies. When Sara, whose Aramaic name means ‘bringer of... [Read More...]


THIS GIRL BITES. I’ve been abducted by a filthy rich alien who thinks I’ll make a good pet. He catches me, cages me, and flies me light years away to a whole new world. He fastens his collar around my neck and marks me as his. But I’m no submissive little pet. The trouble has only just begun… $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Sun-Kissed Summer

Seaside, Oregon. Not just the place to be for their summer festival but also the perfect place for a girl’s trip. Except, Acadia now has to go alone and fresh off a breakup. With a little convincing, she packs a few suitcases–one full of her paints and some canvases–and flies halfway across the country for a month. It’s either nursing a broken heart in her apartment or nursing it on a beachfront cottage all to herself. She’s hoping that a latte, pastry of the day, toes... [Read More...]

Knocked Up by the Mafia (The Billionaire Mafia Book 1)

He’s the handsome, dominant stranger I picked to take my V-card… And then everything went to hell. Here’s the thing about being a mafia princess: I don’t make my own decisions. My powerful father has picked a man for me to marry, but I can’t give myself to someone fully without experiencing something first… That something happens to become Lee, a gorgeous, darkly twisted man I meet in a bar, and give my cherry too. When I disappear the next day, I don’t think of the consequences. ... [Read More...]

Maid for Summer

Does letting go mean giving up? As a recent college graduate, Summer Jennings had ambitious career goals. After graduating at the top of her class, she was one step closer to becoming an elementary school music teacher. That was, until her best friend and college roommate Tessa Walker submitted a recording to a nationwide singing competition out of Hollywood, California on Summer’s behalf. Against her parent’s wishes, Summer fled to LA to pursue her even bigger dream of becoming a f... [Read More...]

Inferno: Enemies to Lovers Romantic Suspense

A man of war, a woman to fight for. A deliciously suspenseful steamy enemies to lovers’ romance to die for! Gage O’Rourke, a broken warrior working for a gambling kingpin kidnaps, Sophie, a courageous young heiress to hold as leverage over her brother who has a gambling problem and owes the kingpin money. This sizzling alpha male kidnap romance will steal your heart from the first page and won’t let go. Happily-ever-after guaranteed! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Summer Ultimatum

Watching my sister fall in love last summer gave me something I hadn’t expected—hope. It gave me hope that there might be someone out there for me and hope that I might get past my misguided fears and finally let someone in. With my help, Ryan’s planning the most epic proposal. I just have to get the know-it-all musician I work with to fall in line to make it work. Jax is wicked smart, extremely talented, and sexy as sin. But he can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to his po... [Read More...]

Simon, Sinful Seduction Book 2

Can his lies save him? Simon Knight and Riley Conner have been circling each other for years. A night of passion a few years back left Simon needing more and Riley running for the hills. When an amazing business opportunity Simon is pursuing hinges on demonstrating he’s a serious family man, Riley will have nowhere left to run. Riley, no longer the “chubby girl with a pretty face,” has kept her interaction with men strictly casual, especially with sexy-as-sin club owner Simon Knight. ... [Read More...]