Playing with Fire

I’m sitting at the bar with my boys and in walks this bombshell socialite. I can’t help but think this ain’t a place for a girl like her. And when she tells me she dumped her cheating fiance it all makes sense. There’s lust in her eyes. Her lips beg to be kissed. Her hips yearn to be caressed. I’m more than happy to scratch her every itch. I’m a Manhattan firefighter who has seen more than his fair share of death and destruction. It would only help me disconn... [Read More...]

Wicked Words

Let Natasha’s wickedly naughty words transport you to a world of endless explicit ecstasy. This 60 book collection is bursting at the seams with seductive tales of swingers, hotwives, cuckqueans, lesbians, nymphos, virgins, breeders, steps, voyeurs, and so much more. Enjoy every kinky page of this deep dive into the dirty mind of Natasha Bender. ... [Read More...]